Company Services

                                           Quality Book & Music Publishing 

For Authors 

We have an ever-growing catalogue of Books from Paperback, Digital to Audio. We publish an array of books from self-help, educational, uplifting If interested in inquiring our services click here 

For Recording Artist

We are always looking for positive talent with quality music and a good message. We have access to national outlets both digital and physical. If you want to submit your music please email Dminemedia@gmail.com (Please Include Contact Info, Song Attachment, Photo Attachment)


                                              Professional Recording

    We have many options to help you develop, produce and distribute your


                                     Performances & Speaking Engagements

 Author/Singer Terrance Tykeem is available for book signings, speaking engagements and live performances If interested email Terry Price pricet06@gmail.com

                                               TV Show Development

 We have produced and developed multiple television show concepts and pilots, we are always looking for new TV shows from Reality to TV Game Shows.

                                                Scripting & Writers

Our staff can help to ensure that your script translates well into production, different genres will have certain nuances that experienced staff will be able to deliver to the listener. Unlike print media, our staff understands that with audio delivery (TV, Movie, Music) the intended audience cannot go back to re-read a sentence. Audio delivery is different in that if a sentence isn't understood it is lost on the audience. 



             Production/Post - Production

       We can handle production from start to finish

                                         Aid in Casting & Resources

Our staff has experienced in securing A-list celebrities as well as finding resources to really set your project apart.

                                                         Live Event Planning

Need help keeping your team organized. Let our team help you set and deliver properly organized and coordinated events. Our project coordinators help to ensure everyone is where they need to be and on time. Thus saving you money and energy. 

​                                                  Distribution/Marketing Leads 

Our staff has proven experience in the entertainment industry. Once production has completed we can discuss the best way to market your product and maximize your return on revenue.